Southern Cross

What do we do?

Market Development

We Build Brands. To grow a brand, you need to understand the market, develop the best approach to expansion and manage risk. Southern Cross has proven that focusing on the market itself is the best way to achieve growth in sales and profitability. Understanding the customer requirements and how to get them what they need and want, works.

Market Entry - Pre Launch

Channel, customer and competitor analysis are the backbone of our approach. Being on the ground in-market, we ensure we have the data and factual supporting information before spending valuable time, money and energy and ahead of taking risk. Attention to detail on information means greater control, maximum confidence in strategy and an easier ability to track progress.

Market Entry - Launch

Calculated implementation is critical to success. Our focus on process and protocol ensures market entry aligned with desired outcomes. Measurement and tracking of progress, milestones and critical point analysis keep things on track and stop overspend, risk increase and diversion from the path. Again, being in-market, working with the customers and out among the consumers means activities and actions are constantly under scrutiny and control, so execution is carried out in the best possible manner.

Market Development - Post Launch

Management of the business begins post launch, with progress being the key goal. Growth in sales is ultimately the desired result of market development, but our ability to drive brand awareness, increase distribution, increase value and ensure accountability are key factors in our long term management approach. Our history of achieving repeated growth year after year is testament to our ability to expand businesses across the region.

Why us?

We know the region. Since 1993 we have been learning and developing our skill set. We understand people, process and the way business is done in the middle east. Culture, politics, religion, habit, financial workings, logistics, weather. So many things make growth and development either more attractive, more profitable or even just possible. This region is littered with challenges and risk, but full of reward if things are done right. Our relationships, networks and partnerships are the foundation of an ability to get things done and make the most of every opportunity.

Who are we?

Alison Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

Local expertise and a hands on approach are key to success in emerging markets

In considering your approach to emerging markets, the benefits of "feet on the ground" cannot be underestimated. With over 70 years’ cumulative experience in the Middle East, headquarters in Dubai and passionate staff located in target countries, we can craft a strategy unique to each market and for long-term success. Our team consists of mostly European personnel and located where the business needs them. We have marketing, sales, finance, logistics and management experts - all with specific roles within the organisation and all of which have been hand picked for their personality as much as their work history and experience. Our team is fun, hard working, enthusiastic and very good at getting the job done.

In a market where business is personal, let our team help you succeed in this exciting, diverse and ever changing region.