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A multi-national, multi-nationality, multi-disciplined organisation. Our team has experience in all levels of brand creation, development, distribution, marketing, sales etc. We have a highly skilled team of people from all around the world.

"A team of experts"

Focus on talent

Reflective of founder Stephen Berge's 10 years with Johnson & Johnson throughout the Middle East, Southern Cross focuses on employing driven, smart and energetic people with regional experience in FMCG and Pharma.

With a strong emphasis on customer management, the team is constantly travelling across the region in order to keep business moving, understand trends and measure progress.


We tend to focus on a few key areas, such as:

  • Understanding trends and consumer habits

  • Providing consumer facing retailers with what they need to make sales

  • Keeping up with global trends

  • Ensuring smooth operations, from ordering to logistics

The team managing the above, have a broad scope of capabilities and will deal with a huge range of activities, such as pricing, competitors, marketing, product placement, advertising, ordering, forecasting, collections, clearance, registrations, complaints, customer interaction etc. They are extremely diverse and very skilled in finding opportunities and working them to success.


To service the market, we have a base of personnel in Dubai, including the finance team, logistics, brand managers, operations and general management.  Our sales force is spread across the region, with most of the team focused on the larger markets. We also have medical reps, merchandisers and support teams, with the largest number of employees being based in Saudi Arabia.

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