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Market Research 

Our relationship begins with a client delivered overview allowing us to understand your companies brand and vision. Southern Cross will, in line with the client, understand potential customer segments based on demographic, purchasing power, behaviours and attitudes. This will be achieved by conducting the following market research and analysis:

  • Competitor positioning in the market

  • Competitors 4P’s

  • Target Audience

  • Potential Channels (Retail, Pharmacy, HORECA, Online etc)

  • Benchmarking

  • Alternative brands

  • Paid Qualitative Research (Focus Groups etc)

  • Paid Quantitative Research (AC Nielsen Data etc)

  • Market Intelligence

  • Opportunities and Challenges

  • Registration Requirements

Pricing Strategy

Our team will create the highest return-on-investment model maximising competitiveness in market and profitability. We will negotiate costs, margins and marketing investment with distributors and/or customers in order to maximise return on investment.

Distribution Strategy

The Middle East region boasts significant opportunity, but is structured poorly. Implementing generic distribution strategies may result in the brand failing before it has begun. Despite being geographically close, different countries within the Middle East have unique challenges, which could pose a threat to your success, depending on how your distribution strategy is structured.

Marketing Strategy

Southern Cross has a proven track record of taking brands new to market to becoming market leaders. We work closely with our clients in order to become an extension of company in the Middle East.

  • Marketing Budget

  • Marketing Content

  • POSM

Forecasting & Reporting

  • Rolling forecasting

  • Sales out data

  • Closing stock of distributors

  • SOH per SKU for each distributor

  • Marketing activity results

  • Competitor activities

  • Create yearly forecasts for each market.

  • Work with our clients to track monthly performance

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